PreMedicated Murder was a recent Book Club selection by the Happy Hour Book Club in Sarasota, Florida. The author was invited to join the group for their discussion. Book Club members’ comments follow belo


   "The book was a bit of everything: a whodunit set in our beautiful paradise, interlaced with family and friendships--showing that, as Charles said, just cuz you're old doesn't mean you're dead ;-)"

   "The wit and wisdom of one who's lead a full, interesting and exciting life!"

   "I would add that if any group has the opportunity to have Charles come to their meeting, they should certainly do it! He's absolutely delightful."

   "It was really special to have him join our group and give us insight into his writing motivation and methods. I enjoyed his sense of humor and style of writing."

   "I thought that the author was entertaining, humorous, and well-versed in medication, drug reactions, and old man tennis. Additionally, he gave a well-informed history of the writing of his novel."

   "In addition to great discussion and entertaining anecdotes, Charles brought a "quiz" about the book that added to the enjoyable review."


Please contact the author if you’d like to have him join you for a discussion of his novel,  PreMedicated Murder.