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5-Stars By Gatey, Amazon, October 16, 2015.

 "I love British wit and this book has lots of it. A fun novel that reads at a fast pace. It has a clever plot that deals with "PreMedication." A fun read even if you're not a tennis octogenarian." 

5-Stars By John G, Amazon, October 11, 2015.

 "This is a terrific "read!" (The author) does a wonderful job of mixing his British humor with a very entertaining murder mystery story. Lots of surprises, and a story that will keep you guessing right up to the end. You will have difficulty putting this one down. Two Thumbs Up for this One!" 

5-Stars By Steen Carstensen, President, Suncoast Tennis League. Amazon. September 18, 2015.

 "A well written and entertaining mystery. Berkoff has developed several interesting and memorable characters. I learned that retirement in Florida can be both fun and detrimental. Particularly I enjoyed the sarcastic and self-deprecating humor (humour) in the book. Should be mandatory reading for all tennis playing “Old Men.” 

5-Stars By Norma J. McKeever, Amazon, September 13, 2015.

 "A well written mystery with just enough humor to set it apart. It moves at a good pace from the very beginning and the amateur detectives keep the ball bouncing as they solve this elusive crime." 

5-Stars By G. Vance, Amazon, September 6, 2015.

 "I loved the book and am thrilled that I learned about it. I recommend this book to everyone I talk to. Enjoy!" 

5-Stars By Frank N, Amazon, August 26, 2015.

 "Great read. Subtle humor very effectively used. Multiple suspects keep the outcome in doubt until the very end." 

5-Stars By Quicksand, Amazon, August 15, 2015.

 "The author expertly describes a deliciously wicked retirement in Florida with intrigue and humor." 

5-Stars By Robert Sutherland, Amazon, August 10, 2015

 "I received this wonderful book today. I flipped to the middle of the book and read two sentences and immediately burst out laughing...I am still laughing." 

Review by Bill Rompf, December 1, 2015 Co-Owner, Play Sarasota Magazine

       "If you're from Sarasota; or a tennis player; or appreciate British subtle, dry wit; or are an "older" man (or woman; 65 plus at the very least), or still have dreams of sexual conquest (or, if not, at least still hoping for one more ace); or a background in chemistry; or have sired ungrateful, selfish, ‘waiting for your demise’ (and their inheritance) offspring; or like a good mystery, "who done it" - or really  - any one of the above, there's a good chance (actually a probable chance) that you'll like PreMedicated Murder, a first novel by Charles Berkoff.
      A myriad of sketchy, memorable and unique (yet believable) characters; fascinations; flashbacks; play on words; literary references and quotes; twists and turns; make this an interestingly fun and witty read from beginning to end.  I did it in a day; couldn't put it down; even had to hide it from my wife.  It's fun, funny, inspiring (in the face of our mortality), very identifiable (especially if you have any "dirty old (older) man - or woman - in you) and quite frankly, a breath of fresh air from my chronic addiction to political and terrorist plot suspense thrillers.  Berkoff has found a way to make heroes from octogenarians and to artfully weave in intrigue, humor, tennis, murder, growing old, facing one’s mortality, friendship and family (the good and bad aspects of it) in a fast paced, non-stop read.
      It may be Berkoff’s first write, but I hope it won’t be his last." 

5-Stars New Review, Amazon, May 11, 2016

 "Very good book. Interesting plot and fun to read because of the humor. Especially a good read for a Florida tennis player." 

5-Stars By A. Vance, Amazon, May 17, 2016

 "Charles, Ginger and I both read your excellent book and loved it very much. The article in today's Sarasota Herald-Tribune was very inspiring. You truly are a remarkable person and I am very happy to know you. Keep hitting those drop shots."   

5-Stars By David G. Morse, Amazon, July 20, 2016

 I just found out that this book is 500 pages! I never would have guessed, since I read it on my Kindle, and was so intrigued that the number of pages was of no consequence. There is a terrific mix of humor and seriousness - there would have to be to treat such serious subjects as murder, of drug use, of aging and of sinister thinking with such a fresh and light perspective that keeps you glued to the pages. There is rarely a dull moment. For those of the aging population with drug issues there are intriguing details and stories that are educational while illuminating to the story at hand. And the story is masterfully created and presented - you will have trouble guessing what happened...but you will try, especially as the story takes its twists and turns toward the final suspenseful ending. And I haven't even mentioned the tennis part - which all players can relate to, especially those of us who have many sets under our extending belts. Fun - mystery - education...all in one. Enjoy! .

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